With version 1.12.0, users can take advantage of several new features in the environment of variable data, approval process, imposition and correction of print data. Improvements have been made in the area of preparation, management and output of print data.

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Online Approval Portal
With this version, an approval portal is available as a cloud service that communicates with the local Workflow. Reports can be generated in the Workflow and transferred directly to the approval portal.

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VDP Editor
With the VDP Editor, variable elements can be placed directly in the browser and generated using control information stored in a CSV file. The VDP Editor will replace the Adobe Illustrator plug-in.

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Approval Dashboard
This view lists all approval reports that have been downloaded locally or sent to the approval portal. The status and other information about the individual approval reports is displayed.

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PDF Editor
A new separation preview has been implemented. The „Analyze“ and „Page Geometry“ tabs - each with specific functions - are available to the user.

Imposition for roll substrate
The previously used maximum height of the imposition now changes automatically if a larger print item is used for the impose. The preferred height from the printer configuration will still be used for all print items that are smaller.

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Color control strips & image marks
In the Impose Editor there is the possibility to add color control stripes, could be used for verification of printing standards, and image marks, like logos.

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»Uniform Tiles«
To create uniform sized tiles, it is possible to choose between „Tiles with variable overlap“ (current implementation) or „Tiles with fixed overlap“.

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180º rotation
This function can be used, for example, in a hotfolder or force print job, to specify whether each even or odd page should be rotated 180º.

Ink cost calculation
Some new features and enhancements have been implemented regarding ink cost calculation, now calculations can be automated as well as performed for multiple print items.

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Sending multi-page documents
From this version on, you can define in the »Send to Printer« dialog which and how many pages of a multi-page document should finally be sent to the printer.

Routine extension
Two new routines have been added, so you can now set that all items and orders tagged as deleted will be deleted automatically. This happens based on the settings of the routine.

Ink Cost Reports
The creation of Ink Cost Reports has been fundamentally revised, Reports are now created in the Statistics tab. This way, a Report can be created directly for each Ink Cost calculation.

Add caption
Adds a caption - the selected text - to the selected margins in the specified position, font, size and color.

Duplicate all pages
Creates a duplicate of each page of the design on the following page, for which it is possible to specify whether it should be rotated 0° or 180° as well as mirrored horizontally or vertically.

Techkon measurement device
The Techkon measuring device has been integrated. It can be used for spot color measurements as well as re-profiling or verification against standards.


»ZUND« cutter device
The option „Create Cut Thumbnail“ determines whether a preview of the cutting file should be sent to the cutting device. The option „Just Technical Colors in Cut–Thumbnail“ determines whether the preview should only contain technical colors or the complete print item.

Data that is not directly stored on the Workflow workstation can be processed with the XML hotfolder. Server paths to the files must be used for this purpose.

DXF cut files
From this version on, it is possible to define in which unit the DXF cutting file should be created.