October, 2023

Now based on Joomla 4 & Bootstrap 5
Smartshop 7.0 is now based on Joomla 4, an award-winning open-source CMS for websites known for its robustness, high power, security, and user-friendliness. Obsolete functions have been removed, and many new features have been added. For example, the PHP version has been upgraded to PHP 7, the media manager has been rebuilt, and there is a new user interface for both the frontend and backend. For Smart Shop 7.0, these changes not only enhance security but also provide a stable and easily updatable environment for all applications. Additionally, Smart Shop 7.0 utilizes the latest version of Bootstrap, Bootstrap 5, which is the most widely used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for creating responsive websites.

Distribution of product information - optimized speed
Printed products often come with a vast array of configuration options across various variations. In the new Durst Smart Shop 7.0, several thousand product attributes can be efficiently processed. The process experiences minimal delays, making it easier and, most importantly, faster to create and handle products with intricate attributes.

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Simplified processing of dependent attributes

1. Image for the creation of dependent attributes
Creating dependent attributes in products is now more efficient and faster with Smart Shop 7.0. It's now possible to assign images to specific combinations of attributes, which are then displayed on the frontend. This considerably reduces the effort required when creating products and offers the possibility of complex composition for product variants.

2. Show only dependent attributes that are inserted in the product
When creating products, from now on only the dependent product attributes that have been stored for the product are displayed in the overview in the backend.
This provides a clearer display of the selected attributes for a product, enabling changes to be implemented more effectively and quickly.

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3. Saving attributes
Previously, when modifying and configuring attributes during the product creation process, it was necessary to save these changes multiple times and in various locations. However, in the new Smart Shop 7.0, this is no longer required. Now, saving changes once in a single location is sufficient.

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4. Faster processing of attributes
Smart Shop 7.0 also significantly improves the processing speed of attributes created within products. Thousands of attributes can be processed in a very short time, resulting in a considerably faster loading time in Smart Shop 7.0.

Batch processing in product management
"One significant development in Smart Shop 7.0 is the introduction of batch processing in product management. Now, it's possible to save a change, such as information that applies to multiple products, in a single step. To achieve this, you can select the products for which the information needs to be stored from the product overview.

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Then, in a second step, the information - descriptions, data sheets, pictures - can be stored in a central place and are visible in all products after saving.

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Partial delivery
Until now it was not possible to store partial deliveries in the Smart  Shop. A partial delivery occurs when an order is sent to the buyer in several parts instead of sending all ordered goods at once.

Shipping costs calculation on federal state level
In Smart Shop 7.0, the option to automatically calculate shipping costs according to the delivery location, be it the province, the state or, for example, the cantons, is now also available. Through this function, the user can precisely determine the costs for the end customer and thus create additional transparency around e-commerce.

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Multipayment interfaces
Smart Shop 7.0 now provides an expanded selection of multipayment interfaces. For Smart Shop 7.0 customers, this means having one system, one partner, and one contract that can be utilized for a broad spectrum of online payment options:
> Mollie (Invoice, Apple Pay, Ideal, Kreditkarte, Klarna, Klarna Invoice, Klarna Sofort, Klarna Slice it, Paypal, Pay now, Banktransfer / SEPA Lastschrift, Giropay…)
> Stripe
> Square
> Authorize
> Google Pay
> Paypal

Multishipping interfaces
Version 7.0 of Smart Shop also allows for the integration of multishipping interfaces. This enables the selection of various shipping service providers, allowing you to choose the most cost-effective shipping option through a single provider. With these multishipping providers, shipping costs are dynamically calculated based on factors such as weight and delivery address. This, in turn, enhances transparency in the sales process for the end customer and ensures more precise product cost calculations.
> Shippy Pro - EU
> EASYPOST - USA and Canada
> Shipit – Australia

Google Analytics 4 compatible e-commerce tool (fee required)
The Smart Shop 7.0 is compatible with the Google Analytics 4 tool.
Google Analytics 4 presents an innovative property variant specifically designed to meet future analytics needs. This enables the collection of data from both websites and apps, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the buying process. Here, the focus is on collecting event-based data instead of session-based data to gain more precise insights.

Separation of ordering and uploading files
Previously, customers could upload files in Smart Shop before placing an order, making them available to the print service provider. In Smart Shop 7.0, there is also an option to upload data after the order has been placed, as long as the order status has not been changed to production. This provides customers with the flexibility to submit an order for consideration in the production process and subsequently upload the corresponding files.

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Scale prices for upload
Another feature for uploading files is the storage of graduated prices. In Smart Shop 7.0, uploads can be stored with different prices depending on the number of uploads and thus be actively included in the price calculation.