With this version, Durst Smart Shop and Durst Smart Editor get new features, as well as improvements that guide the customer more intuitively and quickly. New functions in the editor offer the customer new possibilities of design.

Smart Shop

Durst digital printing

Shipping costs calculation in shopping cart
From version 6.0 the shipping costs can be calculated in the shopping cart. Depending on the selection of the country, the circumstances and the price for shipping the product change. This can be set individually and adjusted per product. 

In the latest release version, customers can purchase with the 1-click purchase method. With the 1-click method, the customer buys an item in the store with just one click. So the customer does not have to select his address and payment method, but can complete the purchase process immediately.

Upload option after purchase
It is possible to upload the print files not immediately during the purchase process, but only after the purchase. 

Automatic quantity steps for products
The customer can be given automatic quantity steps for products. For example, a product can be selected in steps of 10 (quantity) - here the free, manual entry of the number of pieces, such as 2 pieces, is no longer necessary. 

AJAX search integration for characteristics
In version 6.0 the search function has been revised. Now it is no longer necessary to search for the product name or description, but it is now possible to search for characteristics such as the color, manufacturer, product feature, etc.. 

Size indicator for free attributes in the frontend
The minimum and maximum values for free attributes are displayed in the frontend. This means that it is specified how large or small a product may be at maximum or minimum in order to be able to order it. This avoids errors in production and discussions with customers due to "non-orderability" do not have to be held.


- Publish option on list level for shipping types

- Sorting option on list level for shipping types

- Batch processing for dependent attributes

- Multilingualism for demo files and sales files

- Upload logic improvement

- Improved handling of editor products in the backend

- New options for using characteristics: Mail, PDF, Image

Smart Editor

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New design
With version 6.0, the Smart Editor gets a new, intuitive design. Colors and buttons have been revised and adapted to the Durst CI. The Smart Shop has also been adapted and optimized to the new design, including, for example, the product detail pages. The new design is even more intuitive and can be used quickly and easily for new customers.

Durst digital printing

Durst image database
From now on there is a new interface to the Durst image database. The Durst image database contains 221 million files, including royalty-free images, videos, vectors, illustrations etc. The selection of image material is immense. In addition, the Durst image database scores with the licensing costs for image material.


- Revision of the Smart Editor code (improvements and simplifications)

- Restructuring