- QBO line level tax allocation
> New changes that allow QBO invoices to allocate tax directly to the invoice lines (requested for Canadian provincial taxes)

- AR Management visibility to all customer credit balances
> 3 New options to view the following directly from the AR Management screens: "Show customers with unpaid balances", "Show customers with credit balances", "Show customers with open deposits"

- Invoice Number Sequence improvements
> Currently Automated Invoice Numbers can only be incremented at time of Shipment, with Lift ERP R8.2 there will be a setting to flip the invoice number from the Order Number to the Invoice Number from the sequence at time of Invoice Approval.

- User definable pre-fix verbiage for Shipping Invoice Line descriptions
> For example, “Packing, Shipping, and Handling” as a generic description

Art and Pre-Press / Workflow Integrations
- Customer Art Repository Improvements
> Uploading customer repository art files now available from customer management, order entry, order review, and       public URL for clients
> Simplified user interface, now you can easily drag and drop art files from the repository onto the orders

- Products with pre-defined original art assets
> Upload a pre-defined art file to a Lift ERP product
> This file will automatically flow to the line level original art box on orders, triggering any pre-press automation integration in place (i.e. DWF, Esko, Enfocus, etc)

- In Line art upload improvements
> Immediate feedback that upload is in progress (currently larger files can stay stuck at 0% for a bit, and cause confusion)
> Lines can upload independently without accidental re-fresh (currently, completion of one file earlier than others can cause loss of upload progress: This is fixed in R8.2)
> Warning when leaving page during uploads (currently, you can submit the order or navigate away before the upload is finished, and the upload is lost: This is fixed in R8.2, users will now get a warning).

- Lift ERP and Durst Workflow Integration
> File name matching (currently DWF file names are automatically renamed to include Order Number and Line Number, but not synced back to Lift ERP: This is fixed in R8.2)
> Formula based parameters (currently Lift ERP can send the value from any Lift ERP order field, but now we’ll also be able to apply formulas in the integration, i.e. to transform inches to centimeter, or any other mathematical or logic translation
> Improved Material Synchronization (DWF status column in Manage Materials search screen, Ability to reverse sync a DWF substrate to a Lift ERP Material, Ability to change the material category and/or reverse sync material categories from existing DWF Substrate categories)

- Any file type to trigger pre-press automation
> Support NON PDF files (currently only PDF files triggered automatic pre-press automation: This is fixed in R8.2, but support of various file types will depend on prepress automation tool used, DWF vs. Enfocus vs. Esko, etc)

- Improved Client Art Reject Process
> If automated pre-press tools are in place (i.e. DWF, Enfocus, ESKO, etc), when customer’s upload new art, it will automatically trigger pre-press automation

- Improved Kit component re-ordering
> Re-ordering kits, and keeping original art from the kit components will now be supported, triggering any associated pre-press automation

Order Management and Production Management
- Automatic Step Re-Routing on order line edits —> Currently, changing specifications can require manually re-adding manufacturing steps, this will now be automated so any rules based finishing specs will automatically cancel or add manufacturing steps to the flow.

- Reprint / Rework reason added as a column on Costing Analysis report
> A nice way to group and summarize costs associated with reprinting and other rework issues

- Order Flags added to Advanced Search - Details screen

- User profile to selectively hide or show pricing in order entry and order review
> Can be used for both internal staff, or external customers

- New filters on the shipping screen
> Easily ship by configuration, ship to state, or increase performance by shipping 25,50 for 100 shipments at a time.

- More info on Shipping screens
> Add phone number and full address to simple and advanced packing screens
> Display 3rd party shipping account details on the shipping screen

- Job Costing Modal Cancel Button —> currently the job step is processed even if the user cancels the costing modal. In Lift ERP R8.2, this cancel button will function like the ‘Undo’ button, and keep the task on the processing screen so the user can access it without having to navigate away and process the undo manually.

- Re-Order Mode column added to Inventory Transactions report
> Lift ERP sets up custom REST API with any parameters, returning any data set in XML, JSON, or CSV format

- Original Order Number in order history resulting from a re-order
> Job “from” and job “to” will now be a clickable hyper link taking you straight to that order