June, 2023

Order Management
- New PO costing feature: A new capability for CSRs to add PO lines to existing POs from a sales order, supporting the capability for a single PO to track special orders and costs across many sales orders.
- Excel Distribution Grid Import improvements: Better handling of multiple combinations of products and creative files within a single excel sheet, and better handling of mapped products with prompting fields. Please request a demonstration for the updates to this feature.

Quoting and Estimating
- Ganging By Default: The Lift ERP Ganging function has had a speed boost, enabling a new setting for Ganging by default, where users can still easily toggle ganging on or off by quote version.
- Ability to clone selected items to another quote
- Ability to mark certain vendor/materials to be included or excluded in the estimating logic, allowing you to setup non stock materials that you don’t want referenced for quotes (because they are higher or lower costs than what you normally use)

Durst digital printing
Catalog and Product Management
- Product Sync: A new tool to massively manage your products, saving hours of time. Make a change to any product setup (estimating scheme, printing format, machine profile defaults, any field, field LOVs, or field formulas), and quickly synchronize those changes to 1000s of products with an easy to use wizard.
- Prompting Products to allow fields to be BOTH formula based AND prompting. Previously, formula based product fields could not be set to override the value manually, not this is a configurable option.

- Manual task resequencing: A simple system to prioritize scheduled tasks with any number, to easily override the automated schedule priorities.
- Reminder Notifications: warning notifications (email or slack) triggered by orders in steps longer than X minutes.
- Behind Schedule Notifications: warning notifications (email or slack) triggered by orders that can’t make the requested ship date based on the schedule.

Packing and Shipping
New “Packing List” PDF document available at the packing and shipping step. The new document compliments the packing labels, and pack slip document. The Packing List shows all line items and associated image thumbnails together in a single document, broken out by shipping address. Package type and other details necessary to provide with packing and shipping departments to facilitate large distributions fulfillment, or to include as shipping manifest for the recipient of a large shipment with many packages.

New Administration Self Service Setup
- Notification Rules Management: simple visibility to all notification rules setup across all users, to easily find (and remove) notification rules. Easily setup new notification rules from this new screen as well.
- Saved Reports Management: simple visibility to all public saved reports created by various users, with ability for the admin to remove them from one place.

Durst digital printing

Durst Workflow Integration
- Default Check In Profiles by Lift ERP product “auto proofing” profile.
- Granular actions based on Durst Workflow pre-flight message severity, with configurable behavior for Errors, Warnings, and Info. Automatically add comments, flags, and processing rules depending on the severity of the Durst Workflow message.
- Automatic print dimensions from Durst Workflow proof automation.
- Order Ship Date sent to Durst Workflow, to improve logic for nesting production jobs together.

Enfocus Switch Integration
Support for Art Approval and Art Reject messages, for use with 3rd party art approval tools (i.e. Enfocus Switch approval portal, or any other 3rd party tool you’ve integrated into your Switch setup)

User Interface Improvements
- Collapsed Home Page Quick Link Buttons
- Uniform Home Page Widget height
- Minimal “View Order Summary” region at Order Entry, to more easily see exceptions

Enhancements and Fixes
- Numerous smaller enhancements and fixes, please be on the look out for your R10 tickets to move to “Fixed in QA1” status, so that you can test and evaluate.