February, 2024

In our continuous effort to streamline your production processes and enhance system reliability, we are pleased to announce the latest updates to our software. These enhancements are designed to offer you greater control and visibility over your operations, ensuring that efficiency and productivity remain at the forefront of your production management.

New Features:

Ink Batch Status Monitoring
Our system now includes a comprehensive monitoring feature for ink batches. This functionality allows for real-time tracking of ink batch statuses, including the identification of expired batches. Expired ink batches are flagged within the system, and their status can be reset upon review and approval by Durst Service. This feature is pivotal for maintaining the integrity of your printing processes and ensuring that only optimal quality materials are in use.

Durst digital printing

Historical Data on Ink Batch Errors
To further support decision-making and troubleshooting, the system now logs and displays a history of statuses for erroneous ink batches. This historical insight enables production managers to identify patterns, assess recurring issues, and implement corrective measures more effectively.


Durst digital printing

Upgraded Visualization Graphics
We have enhanced the visualization graphics within the dashboard and PDF reports. The graphical axes have been made more flexible, allowing for a tailored view that best suits your data analysis needs. Additionally, we have improved the mouse-over function for values within the graphics, providing instant access to detailed data points for more precise monitoring and evaluation.

These updates are part of our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the dynamic needs of production environments. We understand the importance of having accurate, real-time data at your fingertips and strive to provide tools that empower you to manage machine data with confidence and precision.