New Features:

Durst digital printing

Ink batch tracking and Error list for Alpha printers
Ink batch tracking and error list functionalities are now available for Alpha printers. Alpha users can now effectively monitor the expiration dates of inks, ensuring optimal utilization and preventing any wastage. Furthermore, the comprehensive Error list provides valuable insights for prompt issue identification and resolution, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity for Alpha printer users.


Sensor data transmission for collectior server
In version 2.11.0, we have implemented substantial improvements in the transmission of sensor data from the collector to the server. This enhancement ensures a more robust and reliable data transfer process, minimizing potential data loss or delays. With the improved sensor data transmission, users can trust in the accuracy and timeliness of the data displayed in the system.

Enhanced logging capabilities for data transmitted to Durst Workflow
The enhanced logging provides valuable insights into the transmission and processing of data, enabling better traceability, troubleshooting, and analysis.